How is Multi-Hand Video Poker Played?

There are several multi-hand video poker games to choose from at Betway Casino. Let’s take Jacks or Better Power Poker as an example.

Jacks or Better Power Poker is the multi-hand version of Microgaming’s popular video poker game.

In normal video poker, the goal is to get the best five-card winning hand. However, with variants of multi-hand video poker such as Jacks or Better 4 Play Power Poker, you have to try to get five poker hands in a single game.

At the beginning of the game, you get a five-card hand. This is the “decision sheet.” You can now keep as many cards as you want or discard all cards.

The cards that were kept are then transferred to the other four video poker hands. As soon as you press the “Deal” button, the remaining cards are dealt with. Five poker hands are given, and you are paid based on the strength of your hand.

Payouts when playing with a coin

Royal flush – 250 coins
Straight flush – 50 coins
Quadruple – 25 coins
Full house – 9 coins
Flush – 6 coins
Straight – 4 coins
Three of a kind – 3 coins
Double pair – 2 coins
A pair of Jacks or Better – 1 coin

An example: We got K-3-7-7-A on hand. We decide to keep the sevens. These are transferred to the remaining four sheets, and the cards are given again.

Our final sheets are as follows:


So we have two triplets, and we get 6 coins (2 x 3 coins).

Jacks or Better Power Poker also gives you the option to double your winning online casino games malaysia or take your cash with you. For this, a card is turned over. Now you just have to choose a card from four cards that you think is higher than the upturned card.
Advantages and disadvantages of multi-hand video poker

In regular video poker, you can only bet on one hand. If you then miss the straight or the flush, it can have negative effects on your own bankroll.

That is why Multi-Hand Video Poker brings so many benefits. If the decision sheet consists of good starting cards, these can be transferred to the other four sheets. So the chances of a big win are four times higher.

In multi-hand video poker, all players must keep an eye on their bankrolls, because with every game you bet four times – one bet for each hand. If you then have a losing streak, it can greatly reduce the profit.

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